Hi, I’m Bron John and I’ve been doing SEO for the adult industry since 2008. Because I’m nice, I’ve also done SEO for my cousin’s church website. In the end, regardless of the subject matter, SEO is SEO. I love writing good content, amazing interlinking strategies, reducing bounce rates and building engagement. I also love all the little tweaks you can make in the back end, like Schema microdata or Facebook Open Graph.

I love social media management, using Hootsuite primarily (I’m certified), but I also have experience with Bottlenose, Tweetdeck, Commun.It and Blaq. I like to set everything up in one place so it is easy to manage. Everything from Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Mixi, and any other social sharing account out there.

When it comes to blogs, I have extensive experience with both Blogger and WordPress, and there’s ways to get good SEO results out of both. (I’m not here to debate the merits of either, I’m here to take what you have and make it work!) I’ve also worked in the backends of Wix and Yola.

I use my own site here for fun and geeking out about SEO/SEM/Digital Media stuff, and also offer little tidbits of advice. If you want to meet with me personally for a consultation, email me at BronJohnSEO at gmail dot com.

Lay It On Me

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