Did Trump Spam Infiltrate Your Google Analytics?

I was a little surprised to log into my Google Analytics account, look at the demographics and see this in the language section:


I wasn’t too pleased.

If you’ve been hit as well, don’t worry, but also don’t click the link in GA or you’ll apparently end up down some spammy internet worm hole.

But there is a solution!

You can filter out this result easily, or if you want to see it “gone” for good from your historical data, you can create a custom segment. I went ahead and did it, so I’m sharing the template with you. Just click on this link – I swear, I’m not spamming you! – and import the segment. It’s that easy. You’re welcome.



Why Does a Social Media Account Need My Blood Type?

I’ve been playing with foreign social media accounts – WeChat, Mixi, LINE, and not always understanding what is going on. I don’t read standard Chinese characters or Japanese. So I understand I’m not getting the whole picture most of the time, but my browser does manage to translate most of what’s on the page.

People talk about the invasion of privacy that Facebook is. But Facebook has never asked for my blood type.

Imagine my surprise when I go to fill out my Mixi profile and see them asking if I’m A, B, or O!

mixi profile blood type question on bronjohnseo.com

What exactly do Japanese people do with this information? Do they only hang out with people of the same blood type in the event they need an emergency transfusion?

google gmail logo

Gmail Hacked

There has been a large Gmail attack and over 5 million accounts have been compromised.

You can access the full document here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Zzos5Kkq1aMVVQT2xiWlFYOGs/edit?usp=sharing

Even if you’re not on the list, the most prudent thing to do is change your password (regularly) and enable two-step verification on your account – those sort of safety measures go for any email account really, not just Gmail.

Good luck!