Did Trump Spam Infiltrate Your Google Analytics?

I was a little surprised to log into my Google Analytics account, look at the demographics and see this in the language section:


I wasn’t too pleased.

If you’ve been hit as well, don’t worry, but also don’t click the link in GA or you’ll apparently end up down some spammy internet worm hole.

But there is a solution!

You can filter out this result easily, or if you want to see it “gone” for good from your historical data, you can create a custom segment. I went ahead and did it, so I’m sharing the template with you. Just click on this link – I swear, I’m not spamming you! – and import the segment. It’s that easy. You’re welcome.



Google Correlate Is Censored

I’ve been looking into the potential of using: http://www.google.com/trends/correlate however, it seems they’ve decided what is “interesting” and what isn’t.

Google Correlate makes an attempt to filter out queries which are unlikely to be interesting. These include:

  • Queries with a low correlation value (less than r=0.6)
  • Misspelled queries
  • Pornographic queries
  • Rare queries
  • Queries which only correlate with a small portion of the time series

I tested and could not get any info on keywords: sex, porn, transgender, transsexual, aids, hiv, atheism.

However, I could get info on: typhoid, diphtheria, copd, dengue, Parry Romberg Syndrome (an extremely rare disease), enoki, breast, scrotum, Zoroastrianism.

It’s interesting (?) that obscure topics and diseases, some of which don’t even occur on US soil, are deemed more “interesting.” Especially when you consider the amount of searches for these things must be very low. It doesn’t make sense to me that people would be searching for Zoroastrianism more than atheism. So why the lack of data?