Social Media – You’re Doing It Wrong

This isn’t a How-To Guide – unless you want to see how to do things wrong.

The examples I have aren’t necessarily from people who don’t understand the platforms they’re using (though that can certainly play a part). The biggest faux pas is people forgetting the person viewing on the other end – often the customer. If what you are posting doesn’t help them or answer a question they might have, then it’s pretty much useless. It’s wasted space and you’re just talking to yourself, and that’s totally not what social media is about!

So without further ado, don’t do these things!


I don’t think Tracey was able to have a very relaxing vacation, what with a private convo being made public. Oops!

social media wrong2

This is a wonderful post, except that Purell and GOJO are obviously the same company and no one there thought about the fact that maybe their followers might follow both accounts. Ok, so you’re out of post ideas, fine, I get it. Then don’t schedule them to go out at the SAME TIME! Com’on now, get a little creative! Clean up your act, Purell! (See what I did there?)


Wtf is this?? I can’t. Just no.

social media wrong

Guess what? That link didn’t work either. It took me to their blog with ALL their recipes. Dude, I just wanted the almond cups recipe. Don’t send me to your almond butter page. What am I supposed to do with that? Don’t send me to your whole blog either. BRING ME TO THE CORRECT PAGE! Again, ain’t nobody got time for this!

Got some more social media faux pas examples you can show me?

Social media shouldn’t be this hard. It’s Easy! Get Noticed!