Why Every Blogger Needs Triberr

What is Triberr? It’s essentially an online tribe you join. People create tribes based on certain topics. Bloggers of that topic join and share each other’s posts. While your RSS feed automatically loads new posts into the Triberr tribe, each tribe member gets to decide whether or not they will share that individual post, so the system gives you both content and control.

The maximum number of any tribe is 30 – this is pretty reasonable, as it means you can realistically expect to be able to engage and build relationships with other tribe members (you can message other tribe members within Triberr), while still providing you with a very respectable reach. While not all tribes are filled to capacity, you can still expect to have your posts shared by at least 15-20 people on a regular basis, often providing you with a potential reach of 200k.

The above alone should sum it up for you: there are not too many other platforms I can think of that are both free and provide you with such a reach.

Of course, as a blogger, connecting with people who blog about the same topic as you is probably one of the best things. Anyone who has ever attended a blogger conference can attest to the amazing friendships built around a love of a common topic. These relationships can also provide opportunities for guest posts, blog hops or really any sort of collaboration.

In addition to that, Triberr spreads out the sharing of content so that not all posts are coming out at once. I only log into Triberr weekly, select the posts I want to share on my Twitter feed, and the Triberr scheduler does the rest. It means I have an active and populated Twitter feed without me doing much thinking or effort. Anything I do around those posts to engage in conversation is bonus.

For tips on how to really effectively use Triberr, check out Ryan’s post.

You can find me on Triberr here.